Episode 3

The Things Alcohol F**ked Up

Today, I'm diving deep into the not fun side of my relationship with alcohol, sharing the moments that made me confront the need for a major life change.

So, in the last episode, I kept it calm and factual, walking you through why I decided to get sober. But today, it's all about the things that alcohol funcked up, the ones that truly show why I needed to stop.

I never hit a rock bottom in the dramatic sense, no earth-shattering moment. It was more like a thousand paper cuts, small and seemingly insignificant, adding up over time. It's not the stereotypical alcoholic story, but it's real, and it's my story.

Working for myself gave me a different drinking landscape. No boss, my own schedule, but that didn't make it any less destructive. In the last episode, I shared the quantity I drank, but today, it's about the why and the impact.

My husband and I drank similarly, but our motivations differed. For him, it was about enjoyment. For me, it was about thoughts and coping with stress. The anticipation before a drink, the false sense of relaxation, it all played a role.

I'm laying it all out – missed New Year's celebrations, botched music festivals, a reckless work trip to Dubai – all fueled by a desire for more. There were moments I forgot intimate experiences and times my daughter saw me at my worst.

Some of these stories weren't easy to share, but they're part of the journey.

This journey isn't linear. It's messy, emotional, and sometimes downright painful. But I share these details to connect with anyone facing similar struggles. The path to sobriety is a journey, one that requires time, self-reflection, and resilience.

Until then, sending you so much love – you've got this! 💙

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