Episode 2

Why I Needed to Stop Drinking

Welcome to another episode of Losing Part of Me! Why I needed to stop drinking. I have chosen my words very carefully. I haven't said why I wanted to.  It really was very much I needed to stop. That I could not carry on the way I was going.

Before we jump into it, I want to share something that helped share this story – my journal. Those morning reflections have become a valuable resource, offering a raw look into my mindset during those challenging times. 

Growing up, alcohol was always present in my life. It wasn't just a weekend indulgence; it was part of our daily routine. My childhood experiences with alcohol set the stage for how it would intertwine with my adult life. Fast forward to the present, and I found myself constantly thinking about alcohol, attempting various strategies to control my consumption.

I tried moderation, limiting drinks per night, avoiding drinking alone, and even planned dry spells. None of it worked. My daily routine became a revolving door of excuses to drink – to celebrate, to cope, to escape. I envied those who could stop after a couple of drinks, a feat I could never achieve.

In October 2021, I decided to take a break for a month, which lasted only three weeks. The impact on my health was evident – constant stomach issues, shaky hands, and how I couldn’t stop. My attempts to moderate or abstain were futile, and I started questioning if I had a problem.

In this episode I also share 

  • The effects it was having on my life 
  • The constant presence of shame
  • How drinking showed up in my relationship 
  • How much I drank 

In the next episode, I'll unveil the harsh realities of my excessive drinking, exploring the impact on my life and the not-so-pleasant stories that unfolded. For more updates, connect with me on the Losing Part of Me Instagram account. 

Until then, sending you so much love – you've got this! 💙

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