Episode 4

The Challenges of Getting Sober

In this episode I'm opening up about the brutal early days of my sobriety. It wasn’t the instant euphoria you might expect and was hoping for.

I began with Dry January, thinking it was just a month. New Year's Day marked my last intentional drink. The initial expectation of feeling phenomenal didn't match reality.

The first weeks were rough – exhaustion, body aches, and an overwhelming desire to nap. And I couldn’t manage day to day normal life.

Phrases like "don't question the decision" and "what would the new T do?" became my mantras. Sharing with my husband was tough; he initially didn't believe the extent of my struggle and wanted me to drink again.

I kept my journey private, fearing judgement and sharing with people I could never go back! The struggle persisted for months. Sleep was elusive, and relearning it without alcohol was a challenge.

My father's cancer diagnosis in April brought a startling revelation – my immediate thought was drinking at his funeral. It exposed the deep connection between emotional turmoil and the desire to escape through alcohol.

Throughout, therapy provided support, but the fight took a toll on my business earning less than I ever have. By October-November, a gradual shift occurred. The relentless fight waned, paving the way for self-love and pride.

Getting sober isn't a magical transformation; it's a gritty, relentless battle against ingrained habits. In the next episode, I'll share strategies for navigating the "firsts" – birthdays, trips, and dinners. 

Remember, you're not alone. Sending love your way. You've got this. 💙

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