Episode 8

Sobriety & Relationships – An Honest Conversation with My Husband Paul

In this heartfelt episode, I am joined by my husband Paul. We open up about the impact of my decision to stop drinking on our relationship. We delve into the dynamics of our shared drinking habits, discussing the challenges we faced and the changes we experienced when one partner decided to quit.

I reflect on my early realisation of having a drinking problem and the difficulty in conveying this to Paul, who was also a regular drinker. 

Paul reveals the challenges he faced in adapting to this significant lifestyle change. He candidly discusses the impact on weekends, socialising, and the shift in our shared activities. 

Paul expresses his frustration and concern, emphasising the struggle to bring back the element of fun that drinking had previously provided.

Ultimately, this episode provides a unique and raw perspective on the complexities of navigating sobriety within a relationship. 

We also discuss the positive changes in our relationship since I decided to quit drinking. We highlight the reduction in arguments and the improved emotional well-being. Despite the difficulties, we express hope for future improvements, especially during occasions traditionally associated with alcohol.

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