Episode 9

Navigating Trauma, Addiction, and Self-Discovery with Mary Hyatt

In this episode, I am joined by my dear friend and coach, Mary Hyatt. She shares about her early awareness of my struggles with alcohol and the wisdom of not rushing to 'fix' me.

We delve into Mary's personal journey of being in a relationship with an addict, emphasising her focus on self-management and her unique path to recovery. The discussion explores the boundaries a partner is willing to tolerate and the importance of recognising your own limitations in controlling the other person.

Mary introduces the concepts of big T and little t trauma, explaining their differences and the profound impact they have on our lives. She eloquently explains how unprocessed trauma can manifest in the body, and can lead to addictive behaviours.

Mary guides us through recognising and managing things that activate us, unravelling the physical manifestations of trauma, and building awareness around these moments. We explore the crucial skill of tolerating discomfort without resorting to addictive tendencies.

This thought-provoking episode invites reflection on the interconnectedness of trauma, the body, and addiction, offering valuable insights into self-awareness and healing.

About Mary Hyatt 

Mary Hyatt is a life and business mindset coach who specialises in helping high achieving individuals move from living a life of burnout to a life where they are connected to their emotions, their body, and their spirit. She helps bring her 1 on 1 clients back into soul alignment for greater success, not only in their business but in their life.

As a trained Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork Instructor, Mary brings a level of trauma informed somatic consciousness and soul focused inner work to everything she does. She brings the heart and soul back to life and business, and gives women permission to come back home to the truest parts of themselves.

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