Episode 10

Navigating Sober Celebrations, Social Expectations, and Empowering Choices with Biz Paul

In this episode I invite my dear friend Biz Paul. Not only did he know about my sobriety pretty much from day one, he is also sober himself for over 5 years.

In this conversation Biz Paul shares why he decided being sober was for him and how he shared the news and the impact it had. We delve into the power of setting boundaries, using autonomy to make empowering decisions, and finding clarity and fulfilment in a life without alcohol.

We also talk about peoples reactions and how we are brought up in a society that positively encourages drinking and why is alcohol the only drug that people generally get annoyed by you not taking part in?

About Biz Paul

Paul Ince (aka BizPaul to his friends - that's you now) is a marketing strategist, host and presenter who believes that the people working within the business are best placed to talk about it. He helps organisations understand their voice and puts strategies in place to amplify it to their market. With over 20 years’ experience* he has supported many businesses to increase their visibility online, communicate more effectively and grow their business. 

He speaks frequently on the subject of how to improve the way businesses have conversations with their customers and clients via the world of digital, and occasionally analogue, marketing. 

In addition to running his content marketing agency, LikeMind Media, Paul co-hosts the award-nominated news and politics podcast, Humans Exhaust Me. 

*He didn’t want to add in the “over” as he doesn’t look old enough, but it adds to the authority so, you know. 

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