Episode 11

Embracing Your Inner You with Josh Connolly

In this episode I speak with the wonderful Josh Connolly about his journey through sobriety and the healing that happened because of it. 

He shares inner work and mindfulness practices that have become an essential part of his  life. We explore the tendency to hide behind leadership roles and the importance of genuine self-reflection. The journey into self-knowledge is acknowledged as ongoing, embracing imperfection and recognizing the complexities of addiction and recovery.

We also discuss his powerful Inner You course, a transformative program designed to explore the intricacies of one's identity, past relationships, and the internal family system. The emphasis on understanding and championing every part of oneself emerges as a central theme, offering a path towards personal empowerment and liberation from the chains of addiction.

About Josh Connolly

Josh Connolly is a Resilience and Accredited Breathwork Facilitator. He is one of the UK’s most influential mental health advocates who regularly speak on BBC, ITV & Channel 5 news. He has spoken in the House of Commons, contributed to mental health policy and even advised the scriptwriting team on Hollyoaks. Josh runs resilience workshops for village schools and global brands alike. He is an ambassador for Nacoa – a national charity supporting people affected by a parent’s drinking.

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