Episode 7

What changed with sobriety: The good, the bad, the unexpected!

In this episode, I reflect on the past year of sobriety, sharing the changes, some of which were unexpected changes after a year of being sober.

This journey wasn't a quick fix. It took about 10 months to regain a sense of normalcy and face the world without the crutch of alcohol. Embracing emotions without the numbing effect of alcohol was a challenging yet transformative experience. 

Contrary to expectations, weight loss didn't accompany sobriety. Social dynamics shifted, and reactions from friends and family varied. Pubs lost appeal unless food was involved.

Surprisingly, my sense of humour and extroverted energy remained intact. Sobriety positively impacted my professional life, allowing me to set ambitious goals for my business.

The most profound change lies within me—I've learned to love and appreciate myself in ways I never thought possible. Sobriety is a journey worth every challenge, tear, and craving.

Remember, you're not alone. Sending love your way. You've got this. 💙

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